Jacqueline Gallagher


Born in 1984 on the Island of Oahu, I've spent my entire life on a rock that everyone else calls Paradise. Still residing here in Hawaii, I am currently working on a BFA at the University at Manoa-set to graduate spring 2009!

I've always loved to draw. I know everyone says that as if it's some sort of calling, but for me it's probably because I was a chubby little white girl with horrible balance and coordination who was terrible at pretty much everything else there is to do when you're a kid. Within the past 3 years I've fallen in love with oil paints; the intoxicating fumes, the cancerous musk... how they always manage to get all over your stuff, no matter how careful you are. Plus I'm very tedious and slightly neurotic about arbitrary details, so the slow dry time is a personal must. I also feel that every time I begin a painting it's like I need to completely relearn everything, and the oils allow me all the time I need to constantly edit, re-edit, and experiment.

To support myself, I have 8 or so years of customer service/retail under my belt (mostly in the commercial/tourist art biz where I am working at this very moment). All that dealing with the public has made me increasingly bitter, and that's where my inspiration comes from. I try to paint the vanity, hypocrisy, idiocracy (great movie, BTW), and satire within my life... and how beautiful the ugliness can be. All of this with the drama and expression to make it actually interesting. Hopefully.

Did I mention I like zombies?

Shows and Exhibitions

"This is the End" Group Show at the Alternative Cafe,
Seaside, CA. March 2009

"Elemental" BFA Exhibition at The University of Hawaii at Manoa Art Gallery Honolulu, Hi. April 2008

"Invisible Giants" The Groundup Pirates Underground Art Show
Chinatown Courtyard, Honolulu, Hi. December 2007

"Keep it Down, We're Taking Over!" The Groundup Pirates Underground Art Show
Chinatown Courtyard, Honolulu, Hi. September 2007

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